4 portions | 20 m | 377 kcal
Warm appetizer with shrimps and laminaria
4 portions | 20 m | 377 kcal
200 g carrot
150 g laminaria “Vodniy mir"
150 g frozen shrimps “Vodniy mir"
100 g tomatoes
50 ml olive oil
100 ml water
10 tartlets
to taste salt, spices

Cut carrots into strips, dice tomatoes and defrost shrimps.

Pour olive oil in multicooking bowl. Add diced carrot, cover them with water and stir.

Chose “stewing mode” and set timer for 20 minutes.

7 minutes before the consummation, open the lid, add the remaining ingredients. Season with salt and spices. Mix well.

Close the lid and cook until the end of the program.

Spoon the mixture into tartlets. Serve warm. Bon appetit!

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