4 portions | 1 hour 20 min | 748 kcal
Potato rolls with herring
4 portions | 1 hour 20 min | 748 kcal
1 kg potatoe
100 g pickled carrot
500 g herring fillet "Vodniy mir"
100 g beet
100 g butter
100 g mayonnaise
2 sheets nori

Boil potatoes until tender and drain the water. Add butter and mash well with potato until dense cream. Put aside to cool down. Slice herring fillet. Spread mashed potato onto the sheets of nori 7-8 mm thick. Flip the potato-covered piece of nori over so the potato is facing down. Place sliced herring, carrot and beet across the center of nori. Spread mayonnaise between the layers of herring and vegetables. Start rolling using the matt to keep the roll in place. Once the roll is complete, put it in the fridge for 30 minutes. Using a serrated knife, cut each roll into 4-6 rounds. Serve the dish with wasabi or mustard. Bon appetit!

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