Production and quality

In order to produce delicious and high quality products we apply modern technologies brought from the world’s leading seafood processing countries – Japan, France and Germany. Our plant is equipped with the latest generation facilities and operates its own refrigerating equipment that can simultaneously storage more than 3 000 tons of finished goods.

The company has its own laboratory, which allows us not only to carry out the statutory control of operational parameters, but also to conduct thorough quality research of supplied raw materials and finished goods. We are especially proud of our professional resource: the company provide jobs to more than a thousand highly qualified employees.

To ensure the highest quality of our products we provide the full control at all 7 stages of the production system:

Selection of the most reliable suppliers

Along the course of our 17 years in business, we have established partnership with the best fish and seafood suppliers from all over the world. We always stand behind our quality and choose our suppliers of raw materials as thoroughly as possible, opting only for the companies with certificates for delivery to the EU countries. Therefore, our seafood is made from the most natural fresh ingredients and prepared according to the unique recipes, which take into account the taste preferences of the most demanding local consumers.

Transportation control

We provide strict control along the whole round of transportation of fish and seafood from suppliers, regardless of the distance, that usually covers thousands of kilometers.

Quality control

All products are subjected to incoming inspection in our own certified laboratory. Quality evaluations include organoleptic, physical, chemical, and microbiological testing. The quality procedures are implemented according to HACCP standards.

Production control

Strict control on the up-to-date equipment is carried out at each stage of production: filleting, pasteurization, brine salting and packaging. Particular attention is paid to the strict sanitary regime: access to the production zone is possible only if wearing special working clothes and after undergoing the compulsory sanitary inspection. Every eight hours our specialists carry out quality inspections of raw materials and finished goods, as well as thorough checkout of microbial attributes within the production area.

Tаsting and store demonstration control

Before launching new products or modifying new formula our experts taste all the existing items. It helps us to maintain the stability of high taste of seafood and quality of all the ingredients.

Storage safety

To ensure high quality of the products we keep strict temperature regime and humidity level at our production cold store.

Logistics and distribution

Finished products under TM "Vodniy mir" brand are carefully transported to the local retail chains. Maintaining the quality of our products in transit is a top priority for us. Thus, we have special trucks equipped with powerful refrigeration equipment capable of ensuring any pre-set on board temperature and humidity level.

Apart from concerns regarding the quality of our seafood, we take care of the environment. Therefore we constantly introduce innovations in order to undercut the environmental footprint of production processes. We apply the latest energy-saving technologies, which allows us to make better use of productive resources and significantly reduce the impact of our plant on the environment. All the above mentioned efforts lead to the fact that products of TM “Vodniy mir” are always tasty, appetizing, high-quality and safely packed.

Product quality certificates
Certificate ISO 9001-2008 (2014- 2017)
Certificate ISO 22000-2005 (2014-2017)
Certificate ISO 22000-2005 (2017-2020)