Mission and core values

Our main goal is to change the quality structure of seafood consumption, making it clear to our consumers that healthy products can be delicious.

Our mission is to deliver high-quality seafood and fish to every table in Ukraine. We’d like our consumers to eat seafood more frequently, keep healthy diet and retain confidence in the quality of selected products.

Our company constantly improves the product quality, introduces cutting-edge technologies and expands sales markets, basing on the following principles:

1. Produce high-quality seafood taking into account preferences of our consumers.
While producing the seafood we always keep focus on our customers. We consume all the products ourselves and cook them for our children, thus we are completely confident in the quality of the seafood under «Vodniy mir» brand.
2. Make sure our products are natural, high quality and eco friendly.
The quality of our products is confirmed not only by the Ukrainian state institutions, but also by independent international companies that are responsible for the quality control of raw materials and finished goods. Therefore, our products consist nothing but the most natural and fresh ingredients.
3. Affordable prices for various social segments.
We strongly believe that every person should have ability to consume high quality and healthy seafood regardless the financial situation. Thus, our product range includes seafood of different price range.
4. Constant product differentiation by means of increasing manufacturing capacity.
The powerful production base and qualified personnel allows us to maintain the optimal ratio of price and product quality, which in turn attracts new consumers who contribute to the expansion of our product range.
5. Continuous improvement of product quality.
Safety and product quality are considered to be the top priorities implemented in our company. Our raw materials are the key subject to multiple comprehensive inspection by our specialists of the quality department.
6. Applying the latest technology and an innovative approach to business.
Modern technologies are not standing still, thus we are actively rolling-out new developments in the field of seafood production. It allows us to expand the product line and output capacity without any loss of quality.