September 2001
The company was founded in September 2001 when the first crab sticks plant Aquavit Ltd. was built in Ukraine (Chernomorsk, Odessa region).
November 2001
2 months later, in November 2001, we released the first batch of products under TM "Vodniy Mir" brand. Our main task was to restore the reputation of crab sticks as a high-quality healthy fish product and to change the pattern of public consumption, shifting it towards an increase in the share of seafood. Our company was the first enterprise among those in the CIS countries, which started to produce finished goods in compliance with high European standards of quality.
During the period of 2001-2004, we completely re-equipped the plant, which allowed us to increase the initial output capacity by 4 times.
June 2004
In June 2004 Aquavit Ltd. became the first fishing enterprise in Ukraine that underwent an audit of HACCP food safety system carried out by competent commission from the United States.
In as little as a year the demand for TM "Vodniy Mir" products reached such a high level that it was necessary to double production volumes. For this purpose a brand new factory "Akvafrost" was built in 2005.
January 2006
In January 2006 additional production facilities were brought on stream at the new factory, hence after six months the range of products of "Vodny Mir" expanded significantly: we introduced chilled crab sticks and a new line of frozen seafood to the Ukrainian market.
In 2007 we put into operation a new product line - herring preserves, seafood preserves and capelin roe. By the aid of this launch TM "Vodniy Mir" seafood became available to a larger amount of consumers.
In 2008 our plant Akvafrost Ltd. underwent an audit of the food safety system and obtained quality certificates of HAASP, ISO-9001 and ISO-22000, which gave us the right to export our products to the EU countries.
In 2011 we developed and launched a new unique product - frozen and chilled sticks with crab meat and thus promptly carved out a niche in the premium segment of seafood. This decision stemmed from the results of the survey of our consumers, who had been demanding high-quality products in this segment.
Throughout 2015 our marketing department actively promoted TM "Vodniy Mir" brand as a market leader in the segment of seafood. Over a span of March-April 2015, we were running the advertising campaign "Taste the fresh!" on the national TV. At the end of campaign we managed to assert our consumers that chilled crab sticks TM "Vodniy Mir" are natural fresh seafood. According to the advertising efficiency analysis, more than 60% of respondents changed their perception of the product for the better.
September 2015
In September 2015, the product range of the company was filled up with new products: squid preserves, that had no equals in Ukraine that time, as well as capelin roe and fish spreads and preserved herring.
In 2016 we both expanded the line of frozen seafood and capelin roe spreads and released to the market new products such as preserved sprat and frozen minced fish.
March 2016
In spring 2016 we shot a new capelin roe commercial named "What a capelin!" aimed to build a consumption pattern for this still unknown product on the Ukrainian market.
December 2016
Starting from December 2016 our consumers had been able to watch a series of entertaining commercials "Olivie goodbye, Crab salad - Banzai!", aimed at changing consumption pattern of New Year's salad usage.
August 2016
In August 2016, during the strategic session of the company, it was proposed to consider a project of manufacturing totally new product - screened caviar. Therefore, we bought a new production line for filling caviar in a can, which opened enormous prospects to us - either production of red caviar or production of pastes and other canned goods. The first pitch consignment of screened cod and capelin roe was launched in May 2017. Consumers duly appreciated the product and as early as in July it became a bestseller in the local retail chains.
2017 was considered a year of healthy living in our company. We always keep on top of the latest developments in the market and move with the times, therefore, in winter we cheered our consumers with healthy new products: mussels in brine, laminaria and preserved herring, packed into eco-friendly glass jar.
October 2017
In October 2017 we shot the first TV commercial of preserved seafood category. With reference to the healthy lifestyle trend, we worked up a new motto: "When health is so delicious!". The main protagonist of the new advertising campaign was the popular Ukrainian TV presenter Andriy Domansky.
December 2017
At the same time we launched an ambitious sponsored program on the 3 most rated TV channels in Ukraine: "1 + 1", "Inter" and TRK "Ukraine". Within 5 months, audience of these TV channels could learn how to cook delicious and healthy dishes using TM "Vodniy Mir" products.
March 2017
In March 2017, our company took part in an international seafood exhibition held in Boston, USA. During the exhibition we carried on negotiations with widely-known producers of surimi, hake, pollack and shrimp, and signed a long-term contract for the purchase of mussels in Chile.
In 2018 we launched a large-scale advertising on-line campaign, aimed at dispelling the key myths about crab sticks. We continued cooperation with the already familiar to our consumers TV presenter Andriy Domansky. Moreover, consumers were able to learn how to prepare delicious dishes using the products of their favorite brand, watching sponsored TV programs on famous Ukrainian channels, such as "1 + 1", "STB" and "Inter".
May 2018
Within the scope of establishing foreign economic relations with the Middle Eastern countries, the employees of our Foreign Economic Affairs Department took part in the international exhibition "World Food Azerbaijan 2018". As a result, we managed to sign new contracts with distributors of the promising area and enhance relations with the existing counterparties.
October 2018
In October 2018 we took a first place as a bestseller in the category of fish products in the context of "Elephant award" held by one of the biggest retailers in Ukraine - Silpo. Throughout the whole October card holders of this retail chain had the opportunity to vote for their favorite products on the website of "Elephant award". Our brand was nominated in two categories of goods - "Crab Sticks" and "Caviar". Following the results of voting, we took the honorable first place in both nominations!
(Українська) Серпень 2019
Chilled crab sticks by TM "Vodniy Mir" are the first crab sticks presented on Ukrainian market, that successfully passed the test in the laboratory of Eurofins Scientific for compliance with the European standards of quality and safety and received “Dobryi znak”- quality and safety mark.