Delicious crab snack for a quick bite

Ukrainian consumers are usually divided into three categories: those who love sushi: those who love pizza and those who love both. Japanese and Italian food has been the most popular meal in Ukraine for many years. The dishes of this cuisine are well known and beloved by all, so in autumn 2018 we decided to delight admirers of these two cuisines by launching innovative product.

Crab Cocktail is a unique product that combines the best qualities both of chilled crabsticks and preserved seafood. Fully cooked and ready-to-eat, Crab Cocktail makes it easy to enjoy delicious healthy seafood at any time.

Spices and marinade sauce savors crab sticks so that you can eat them as a separate snack or add to your favorite vegetable salad. Really fast and convenient as the product does not need to be cut and refilled with oil in advance. Just add your favorite greens, vegetables and crab cocktail - and presto - your healthy, delicious and super filling salad is ready!

Why you should definitely try our Crab cocktail?

  • It’s a brand new product with unique recipe patented by TM "Vodniy mir";
  • Easy to prepare and ready-to-eat snack for a quick bite that can also serve as an ingredient for a salad or a main course;
  • Affordable price: 28-30 UAH per pack;
  • 2 SKUs with taste of the world’s most beloved cuisine - Japanese and Italian;
  • A fallback to our existing product - preserved seafood cocktails;
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