Crabsticks. Secret information.

Crabsticks have caught the fancy of consumers almost immediately. The key lies in the fact that they are delicious and completely ready to use, so that you can enjoy healthy seafood, not bothering with cooking. Nevertheless, the origin and list of ingredients of crabsticks have constantly being disputed. So what precisely are the crabsticks, what makes them favorite product among consumers, what benefits do they have and how can you choose high quality crabsticks in the store? Let us discover the truth!

What does “surimi” mean?

  • Surimi is the main component of crabsticks that has been known in Japan for more than four centuries. Translated from Japanese it means “crushed fillet of white ocean fish” - mostly Pollack and Hake, caught on the Alaska coast. Freshly caught fish is peeled, cleared from the head and bones, finely chopped and washed in cold water. The next step is to remove cholesterol from the fish fillets.
  • After removing all the water, we obtain the dense white fish fillet- surimi. The more surimi crabsticks contain - the higher quality and thus the price of the product is. Therefore, there are no fish tails, heads and chemical additive in the crabsticks - only high-quality white ocean fish fillet.

Why crabsticks are red?

  • To saturate crabsticks with delicious red color, we cover them with a layer of dough, which is embellished with a natural dry color - paprika.

Are crabsticks healthy?

  • Surimi - is a concentrated fish protein that is easily absorbed by the human body. Surimi contains all the vitamins and micronutrient that are so typical for seafood: vitamins C, B1, B2, ferrum, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine and omega 3.

What about calories?

  • As surimi consists of fish protein, products from it are low in calorie and cholesterol. 100 grams of crabsticks contain only 106 calories. For comparison, 100 grams of sausages contain 235 kcal, 100 grams of cheese - 357 kcal, and beloved of all burgers - 295 kcal. Therefore, if you add crabsticks to vegetable salads and other dishes, its energy value is minimal and the dish becomes healthy and filling.


How to choose quality crabsticks?

  • The percentage of surimi is the driving factor to consider when choosing crabsticks: if the product is of high quality, the percentage of surimi won’t be less than 35%. For example, crab sticks under TM "Vodniy Mir" brand contain 40% of surimi, which indicates the high quality of the product;
  • Marketable state. Crabsticks should be neat, appetizing, juicy and elastic. Do not buy a product that looks defected or crumbled;
  • Well-known producer. While choosing the product you’d better purchase crabsticks of famous brands as far as fish demands a serious approach. There is only one producer of crabsticks in Ukraine - TM "Vodniy Mir", whose plant is located in Chernomorsk, Odessa region.

Therefore, we have found out that crabsticks is a healthy protein product that perfectly works for daily nutrition, holiday feasts and even when keeping a fast. Thus, acquire delicious and heathy crabsticks only from reliable producers and stay fit!