“One herring a day – keeps the doctor away”

Herring is one of the most beloved fish products in Ukraine that is never out of a daily menu. Even if the fridge is empty, potatoes with herring will always save the situation.

  • Herring is a real gift of the ocean: the fish contains so much protein that 250 grams of it covers the daily human need, and it is almost free of carbohydrates. Moreover, herring is saturated with Omega-3 fatty acid that "struggles" against exceed rate of cholesterol in the blood and reduces the likelihood of atherosclerosis in blood vessels, which makes this fish an indispensable component for people suffering from cardiovascular disease.
  • The key to wellness lies in its chemical formula: iodine, phosphorus, vitamins B1, B6, B12, A, E, selenium. Herring is the "champion" among all the fish species for concentration of D-group vitamins (100 grams of herring contains three daily ratios), which are so essential for bones and the proper functioning of the kidneys. This vitamin is indispensable for children, especially in winter, when the body lacks direct sunlight.
  • Among all the other things, herring favorably affects brain functions and improves the sight. It is easily digested by the human body and works out as a major source of protein. The presence of antioxidants places herring on a par with cosmeceuticals, whose key objective is to preserve beauty and youth.
Did you know that the “day of herring” exists in Finland? Every year on October 2, a huge fair is held in Helsinki, where herring-lovers from all over the world can enjoy a variety of delicious dishes prepared from their favorite product.
Herring even left its mark in history. During the Hundred Years War, the French forces attacked an English troop, which was transporting herring, not far from Orleans. The English were able to shot the French forces, hiding behind the barrels of herring and thus staying uncaptioned. After what happened the soldiers kept saying for quite some time: "What would we do, if not the herring?!".

Therefore, it is a formidable task to find a fish that can surpass the health properties of herring. So do not hesitate to include herring fillet by TM "Vodniy Mir" to your daily nutrition and stay fit!