Health has no limits

The trend for healthy living keeps growing in the world. According to Nielsen annual study 65% of consumers in Ukraine tend to buy fatless, low in cholesterol and sugar-free food. "Vodniy Mir" is wide-awake of the latest trends at the market, so in autumn 2018 we decided to delight our Ukrainian consumers with a healthy entry!

Crab Sticks "Fitness" is a unique innovative product for consumers who regularly keep to a diet and lead a healthy life. Crab sticks "Fitness" is unpreserved delicious snack that is much healthier than sweet bars and chips. The crabsticks contain more protein and omega 3 and fewer calories compared to standard crabsticks!

"Fitness" line includes frozen and chilled crabsticks in 2 serving sizes - 100g and 180g, so that it is convenient to take them for a walk or training and use instead of meat or fish in your favorite salads.

If you still have doubts, we will outline the main competitive advantages of the new product in figures below. The new crabsticks Fitness by  TM "Vodniy Mir" contain:

  • 25% less fat than standard crabsticks;
  • 50% more natural fish protein than standard crabsticks;
  • 12,5% ​​more surimi - high quality fillet of white ocean fish - than standard crabsticks;
  • less calories: only 93 kcal per 100 g of product;
So, do not hesitate to include crabsticks Fitness by TM "Vodniy Mir" to your daily nutrition and stay fit!