Why shrimps are good for you?

Although 10 years ago shrimp was considered an overseas delicacy, now you can purchase it almost in every supermarket. This delicious seafood has become so popular nowadays that some people cannot even imagine their daily meals without them. The nutritional tab of shrimp meets or in a way even surpasses the tab of its more expensive "colleagues" - lobsters and crabs. So let's find out why regular consumption of shrimps will boost your immunity?

  • Shrimp meat is considered a valuable dietary product. It consists of high-quality protein that can quickly calm down appetite. These small prawns are saturated with vitamin B12, which is involved in the production of hemoglobin in the blood and maintains health of the nervous system. In addition, shrimp is a “champion” among all the seafood for concentration of iodine. Unlike the most products that are artificially saturated with iodine (milk, water, salt), iodine in shrimps does not steam off at the first contact with sunlight and oxygen. Therefore, a mere 50 grams of shrimp cover the full iodine daily requirement.
  • Shrimp is full of heathy microelements (calcium, zinc, potassium, sulfur, phosphorus, sodium) and highly saturated with omega-3 fatty acids. Owing to astaxanthin - a powerful natural antioxidant that preserves youth and beauty - shrimps have such an eye candy pink color. Thus, a small portion of shrimp can provide the adult's daily nutrient rate of the components that are necessary for normal functioning of the human body. It should be also taken into account that 100 grams of shrimp contain only 87 kilocalories, so they fall into the category of dietary products that fight against overweight.
  • A unique balance of nutrients in the shrimp meat improves health condition of hair, skin and nails, as well as maintains a hormonal balance and provides proper functions of the nervous system. Regular consumption of shrimp boosts the immunity and prevents cancerous or heart disease. It has been proved that those who like this delicious seafood suffer less from vascular disease and various allergies.
  • Shrimp is a hypoallergenic product, so pregnant women, young children and those who suffer from allergies can consume it without any doubt. Moreover, it is even recommended to eat shrimp when having a flu or virus in order to overcome the disease as soon as possible.

How to choose high quality shrimps?

  • When buying shrimp, you would better select Atlantic one - it is smaller and thus the content of harmful substances in it is much lower than in large shrimp, usually cultivated in artificial ambient. By the rules, shrimp should be frozen immediately upon catching, then their tail remains twisted.
  • The quality of shrimps also depends on the packaging of the product. It is advisable to buy only packaged seafood to be sure it is fresh and safe. By purchasing packaged shrimp from a proven manufacturer, you will provide yourself with the hale of this product and reduce the risk of infection at the same time.
The doctors recommend eating fish or seafood at least 2 times a week for prophylactic use. And here again shrimps score on all fronts - they are tasty, heathy and full of essential vitamins and minerals. So do not hesitate to include frozen shrimps by TM "Vodniy Mir" to your daily nutrition and stay fit!